Thursday, September 28, 2006


This is the first post in this new blog of mine. From the title, you will see that cycling will be a recurring topic. I will try to use this blog to discuss cycling issues as they impact my community and my life. Other rants (posts) may come and go.

I have been a fan of many different blogs/sites and will borrow from some as they have something interesting to say. Especially when I fail to post anything worthwhile.

That's about it for now...


Blogger gwadzilla said...

those are steelers jerseys on my boys

my wife is from pittsburgh
so they have black and gold in their veins

my sons have never seen more than 5 minutes of highlights of a football game

as i am not into sports on television
I watch a great deal of television
just can not be bothered to watch sports
especially football
I can not see why someone would spend one of their two days off from work in front of the television

I would much rather be outside
and if possible... riding my bike
and if there is the chance... racing my bike

not sure how people come into work on Monday morning with no answer for what they did over the weekend...

worse yet...
how do people say they are "into sports"
when all they do is watch other people play sports
they are either into television or tailgating
that is not sports
that is spectating

8:36 AM  

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