Friday, August 17, 2007

C'ville XTERRA and 18 hrs on the Farm...

I'm not racing on the Farm, but SVA is represented. Best of Luck to James, Jon, Joe and jHeath. Go Team J.

I will be racing at Walnut Creek Park at the Charlottesville XTERRA on Sunday. This will be the last multisport race of the season for me. It's been a good season, a few AG podiums and lots of fun. Especially the XTERRA events astride the IF Ti Deluxe in the Team IF kit. Hopefully next year I'll compete in the road tri's on an IF road bike, preferably a SSR with carbon. Help me out and tell Holly I need a new bike...

I'm looking forward to the C'ville race. It's about as close as I'll get to a "home" race. The trails are fun, tight and technical with plenty of rocks and roots that force you to choose a fast line. I've pre-ridden the course a couple of times so I'm ready. Getting around other riders will be tough on the singletrack, but knowing the course will help. The run is identical to the bike course for the first 3+ miles and is the same from the C'ville Sprint. I had one of my best run legs on this course in June. Fun Stuff.

Cyclocross season begins in a few weeks and I'm already registered for the Charm City race. Coach Jeff of Allez Training has a training plan set out and hopefully the fitness from the spring and summer will lead to a strong cx season. It looks like Staunton will have a few racers vying for top placings in the VaCX series. Billy B, Pat and James will be out in mud and fun.

Have a great day.


Blogger Kevin said...

Good luck at the last tri
Try harder!!!!
Your coach has it all wrong. Your spring and summer will have you rendered completely useless for the cx season ;-)
I will tell Holly about your new bike, it's pretty much a done deal!

5:35 AM  
Blogger MRussell said...

Thanks Bro.

7:11 AM  
Anonymous chris d said...

Good luck, Sunday.
Hope to catch you crossin'.

6:36 PM  

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