Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Good Weekend
BrewGrass, UVA didn't Lose, Va Tech did, Socialized and had a good race.

Friday, Brewgrass at Queen City Brewing.
My mother in law watched Parker so Holly and I could walk down to QCB and sample a few beers. We have two growlers that we were planning on taking to the Fall Fest party, and we were up in the air as to what to fill 'em with. We decided on the Belgium Wheat (unfiltered) for Holly and the Scottish Ale for myself. the oktoberfest was out. Hung out and listened to the bluegrass band, most of them were Marino's regulars. We ran into Suzanne and Otis who own the bed and breakfast where Holly and I were married. It was nice to catch up with them.

Worked on the IF, cleaned and lubed the rear derailleur cable. Trued the rear wheel and remounted the tufo as the bead seemed to have worked itself off. Watched UVa not lose to Duke, then watched Georgia Tech open a Costco-sized can of whoop ass on Va Tech.
We headed over to Lori's for her Fall Fest party. Great spread of food. Had a few beers, carboloaded for Sunday's race. It was good fun.

Sunday, race day
Alarm went off and I was out of the house by 6:30am to head to MD. Google maps let me down as I tried to get around Leesburg but Still was able to make it to the Lilypons water garden center for the Ed Sander Memorial cyclocross race. Full details will follow later. Short story, Did better than the Charm City race and felt strong. Final placing was 16th.
Holly and Parker rode to the race with her mom, it was Parker's first race. He slept thru it. It was good to have a cheering section. It's always good to have a cheering section.

It was a good weekend.


Blogger gwadzilla said...


not bad
not bad at all

I worked very hard for my 41th place finish

it is funny

everyone finishes with a list of excuses why they did not finish higher up in their field

8:33 AM  

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