Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I took today off from work as I couldn't fathom the thought of sitting at my desk. It wasn't a 'mental health' day where I blow off work to go play. This past weekend, I caught whatever bug has been circulating Staunton.

The weekend started off well with a ride with James, Joe, and Gene at the secret stash on Friday. James and Gene turned back after a little while on the trails and drank beer. Joe and I stayed on the trails since he had a 'kitchen pass' and wanted to make the most of his time on the Old Man singlespeed. Jon H has been working overtime cutting new trail in the pine trees. It's still in a bit of the bushwhack stage but once it matures it'll be a blast to swoop through the pine trees on a blanket of needles. I ended up at Baja Bean Co. with James and Sara for beers and enchiladas. Nice start.

Saturday at work was, well Saturday at work. I dropped my Bob Jackson fixie off at the shop along with a White Industries Eno wheel built with a Mavic 517. Look for these on Ebay soon. Gotta pay for the trip to Belgium. I blew off the Saturday ride as I was tired. And then on Sunday I called in sick for the Ride on Narrowback. I felt a little better in the afternoon so I rolled the commuter to the Y for a spin/yoga class. An hour on the spin bike was followed by 30 minutes of yoga, my first time. 1 out of 3 rides for the weekend isn't good (technically a spin class is a ride but I'm not counting it), but at least I didn't break anything like Sam.

Being sick sucks...


Blogger joe york said...

Thanks for riding with me. I need to ride more before Hilbert..

7:18 PM  

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