Monday, October 30, 2006

1st VACX race, Chimborazo...

Spent Sunday at Chimborazo park. Holly, Parker and I arrived early to watch Sam race the Masters 35+ race and as we parked Sam raced by and told us he had flatted on the first lap. Flats would be a recurring theme for the race.

Hung out at the venue waiting for my 1:01 start time. Prerode the couse a couple of times in between events, found it to be the same course as last year. Grass top section, zooming downhill to mountainbike-like lower section, staircase and a paved climb back to the top section. One addition to the course was a spiral in the grass section at the start of each lap.

Warmed up on the trainer and Ian stopped by, hadn't seen him in years. Kyle showed up sans the new IF Planet cross and had to sign up for the Men C race as they wouldn't let him race B without a USA cycling. 3 sports making up rules? again???

Kyle rode the Mens C on his singlespeed ride, and pulled the front group for the full race. I was yelling for him and he looked strong. He passed by after the hill and before the grass with a little gap, as he went by I had to trash talk a little for my friend. I told the 3 guys who were chasing him "imagine what he could do if he had gears". Kyle won easily, not that racing that course on a single speed could be considered easy. Can't wait to see his new IF. Jeff, Heather and Chardin made it out for the race after Kyle finished and my race would start.

Time for A and B. Sam rode the Men A race and they started a minute before the B crew. I took the hole shot and lead the B field into the spiral, aka circle of death. I did not want to get caught behind any sketchiness. I led the first lap, riding with Steve Fife and Kevin Horvath. At the start of the second lap Steven came around and Kevin moved past me after the spiral. I stayed on Kevin's wheel and after the downhill and the sharp lefthander onto the singletrack, Kevin punctured. He pulled into the pit which luckily for him was right after that section, but he would never make it back up to the front. I rode steady and conservative, knowing that Steve would stay in front as he's been beating me in the MABRA events, but I did keep him in sight. A TriPower rider (Bill Gilmer) was behind me, but never made a run until the last lap but but at that point didn't have enough real estate to make up the distance. Coming into the finish section there was a tall curb. I cleaned that curb each lap, until the last lap. I guess it was a momentary lapse, but I didn't get the rear wheel up and felt the unmistakable hit and heard the puncture. Only 75 meters till the end and the tire was completely flat. A bit of stans no flat in the Tufo should fix it, but I may start running Michelin clinchers from now on. Oh yeah, Steve Fife won, I came in second out of about 20 or so racers.

After the race we loaded up, I got my swag. Three tubes woo hooo. and a silver cowbell clang clang. Jeff, Heather, Chardin, Sam, Holly, Parker and I went to Bottoms Up pizza in Shockoe Bottom. Good eats, Great Company. it was great to see them and have a cheering section. Talked bikes, and other fineries. For some reason, Jeff was talking some nonsense about not drinking beer. Huh?

Family time, Racing, a second place, dinner with friends, a good day...


Blogger threesports said...

3Sports did not "make up" any rules We simply followed the rules set by USA Cycling and the VACX Series Head Official which clearly state that a riders with a 1 Day license (or citizen's license) must race the "C" Race. ( ) This is an insurance liability issue and if other promoters choose to ignore this rule then it is their own perogative however since we enjoy putting on the Cross Race at Chimborazo and want to continue to put on a Race at Chimborazo we feel it is important to follow the rules.

7:16 PM  
Blogger MRussell said...


slow day at the store, huh?

Good race.

7:07 AM  
Blogger Jeffro Herriachi said...

No nonesense baby I am a little serious, although "not" is open for interpretation..

6:54 AM  
Blogger gwadzilla said...

I wanted to be there...


was hosting some halloween fun for the kids

3:25 PM  

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