Monday, October 02, 2006

Ed Sander Cyclocross

Ah the legs didn't do too badly yesterday, much better than Charm City. The start wasn't too crazy, again better than the week before. The first half of the course was a power section with many 90 degree turns in and around the ponds. After a sharp left hander at the 'store', the course followed a gravel road that gave plenty of opportunity to make passes. A slick left hander lead into a fast grass section that dumped the racers to the base of 5-6step runup. This one was a U-turn runup so at the top it was turn right and jump on the bike and hope you don't flub the mount. And Don't forget to smile.

Another left handed turn was followed by a set of steep 'n short rollers. These rollers led to the high point of the course and after a right hand turn it was a fast descent back to the 'store'. The mud made it interesting.

I didn't start overly fast, just steady and felt in control for the whole race. I rolled with a guy from Joe's Bike Shop, his name was Hosteller and he finally pulled away from me with just over 2 laps to go. We both moved by Matt Michel and his nice Independent Fabrication in yellow 'n green. Matt was rolling the steep sections fast and smooth and i was able to keep with him without much work in the power sections. On the last lap I stayed right on his wheel to the top of the course and motored pass him on the descent. Once in sight of the 'store' a few pops of the shifter and I was ready for a sprint that never developed.

Final results had me in 16th, much better than last week's 27/28.(depending on which results you look at) Parker was there but slept through the race. He'll have more opportunities to come. A big Thank you to my mom in law for staying a few extra days and giving Holly and Parker a ride to the race. Also, Thanks to Sam for taking some pics and Good Job in the Masters 35+ race. Knocked the first one of the season out of the way. James pulled in decent finish in the Men's C. First cyclocross race and he's ready for more.

The organizers put on a great race with proceeds going to fund a scholarship for Ed Sander's son. Ed was a manager at Lilypons Water Garden center (race venue) and was killed in a training accident. Good race for a great cause.

Caught the kids race, not sure who was having more fun the kids or the parents corraling them thru the course. Watched a bit of the women's A, Dee was running away with the race when we left. Long ride home, took 4hours with a stop in Leesburg for lunch. Long day for such a short race, but So worth it.


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