Thursday, December 07, 2006

3 meetings...

Shenandoah Bike-Ped Committee 4pm
VDOT was on hand to discuss how the committee could petition to have bicycle improvements be enacted. Only problem, the engineers talked all around the process, never giving a definitive answer. We could go through maintenance, or a 6 year planning process, or talk to the resident engineer. Okay, how do get a Share the road sign? see above... At least they now know that there is a group that will be asking for bicycle improvements and since the state has stated that VDOT has to accomodate bicycle improvements they will be hearing from us. I brought the committee up to speed on the Berry Farm Property.

Queen City Cycling Club 6:30pm
Not much of a meeting, only five of us, plus Parker. We talked about the Berry Farm Property walk through. Then we all walked to City Hall to attend the next meeting.

Frontier Trail Plan Presentation, 7pm
Shawn Maddox of the city hosted a community discussion of Staunton's Frontier Trail Plan. There will be an email address to send comments to, see Staunton's home page. Right now with the city in the process of hiring a new city manager, so the trail plan process is in limbo. The council is behind the plan, so are the various departments, what is missing is someone to shephard the plan to completion. A few suggestions to the plan were made, we'll see how they develop.


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