Monday, November 27, 2006

Berry Farm tour...

James and myself met Rich Edwards of IMBA's Trail Solutions on Saturday morning to tour the Berry Farm property. This parcel of land is over 350 acres of hayfields, pine forest (plantation and natural), mature hardwood, and brush (past clearcut). The land is owned by Augusta County, just 3 miles from downtown Staunton. We are working with Ron Sites, the director of Parks and Rec to develop a trail system. That's where Rich comes into play. With his experience, the county will be able to develop a sustainable trail system for multiple user groups. The parcel is large enough that we should develop it in phases, with the first phase geared towards beginner and intermediate mountain bikers to generate interest and build the sport.

Here are some pics from our walk in the woods. I didn't get a picture of the cave entrance that had been fenced off, oh well maybe next time. I'm guessing they fenced it off to keep hunters from falling in and becoming a horror movie cliche.

James and Rich (thanks for the Trail Solutions books)

Pine grove


can you pick out the hiding Ewok?

Pine Plantation on the left

If you are interested in riding here, give James a call at Black Dog Bikes or better yet stop by and fill out a county waiver. Then head to the property (after hunting season) and ride the 2+miles of double track that's already there. And get ready to build some trail ...


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