Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday already???

This week flew by and now I find myself updating the blog. Yeah, I was slack.

Didn't do anything on Monday except hang out with Parker after I got home from work. Tuesday was my first time taking Parker to the YMCA, he stayed in the play room while I did spin. Legs felt great after the weekend of racing. I guess the day off on monday helped. Wednesday was a treadmill workout with some leg presses and extensions. Drank one or two or more beers and bourbons that night for a little celebration of bipartisonship returning to dc. I think. I hope. Last night found us at Baja with the bootcamp folks enjoying fine food and drink. A new bootcamp session begins next week. That's about it, lot of stuff and the week is gone.

Time to race in c'ville.


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