Monday, November 06, 2006

Two races...

Monday morning and I've just made it downstairs on a set of tired legs. Raced to two top ten placings this weekend. The races were the last two in the MABRA series.

Ninth place on Saturday in the Tacchino Cross. Great course was laid out in Ida Lee Park with the majority surface being grass. Plenty of climbs, steep hills, one barrier set and fast descents, yeah a fun course.

Found myself again in ninth place on Sunday at the Race Pace Cross in Sykesville. Freedom Park hosted a mostly flat course with one runup and a couple of fast pavement sections. I was behind Steve Fife for both races, just couldn't reel him in.

If I find some pictures I'll post them, especially if I find a picture of Kyle's new IF Planet Cross. Beautiful bike in black and silver, built with Campy Chorus and Ksryrium wheels.

Sam and Kyle both raced on Saturday in the Men B. Sam and I represented East Coast Bicycle Academy with our new jerseys, his in blue, mine in black.

Fun racing...


Blogger kevin said...

Good onya Mark! See ya next Sunday!!!

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