Friday, November 03, 2006

Frontier Trail Plan...

The acting City Manager and his assistant attended the monthly Queen City Cycling Club meeting on Wednesday. They discussed the city's approach to the development of the Staunton Frontier Trail Plan.

This is a well developed plan that will need a lot of political will to realize. Initially, community stakeholders will need to be briefed on the plan. The city is planning meetings and hearings to gauge interest and elicit comments on how to proceed with the development of trails. If you are interested, plan on attending. These meetings will be posted on the QCCC messageboard once they have been scheduled.

We also discussed the development of mounain bike/multi use trails in Betsy Bell Park and the adjoining Mary Gray property. This would be a wonderful area for trails with challenging terrain and incredible views.

Good Stuff is Happening...(takes time tho)


Blogger gwadzilla said...

we need good stuff to happen for the bike in dc

on the streets


on the dirt

3:22 PM  

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