Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mudfest (cross race) at IX

My bike has never had that much mud on it. What a course. What a race. At least six dismounts per laps, lots of 180 turns, maybe 400 meters of pavement/hardtop, and lots of sticky mud. This was a bike shop's dream course, there were a lot of derailleurs that were destroyed and some broken hangers.

In the B race, I led for a while then George Millinovic came around and left Kyle and I to ride together. Kyle rode me off of his wheel and I was left in third. I'm happy with third on this course, won a cool Surly tshirt.

Sam won the Masters 35+, he just rode away with the race. Then broke his hanger and derailleur in the A race.
Kevin Horvath finished 5th in the B race and Michael Hosang rode strong in the A after destroying a hanger or derailleur, I think he finished 4th. He had to finish the race on a teammate's bike.

James had a good race in the C class, keep it up. He's got the skills.

I would like to have seen this course when it was dry. Hopefully, this course/race/event will continue. Great race, great job promoters.


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