Monday, November 20, 2006

Rolling in Richmond...

A big thank you to Richmond Ciclismo and Matt Marchal for promoting the Ciclismo Cross yesterday at Bryan Park. Good course, same as last year's race where I came in second to Sam in the Men B class.

This year's race was not as cold as last year, but not by much. The sun made an appearance and it warmed up to a comfortable temperature. I prerode the course after talking to Sam after his third place showing in the Masters 35+ race. (Nice Job Sam) He suggested riding the pit bike and looking at his mud covered bike I took his suggestion without much comment. There were two sections, back to back, that were mud pits, but not Urban Cross at IX muddy. Did two laps and then rode the trainer. During one of my many trips to the portajohn I watched a fight break out during a soccer game. Funny.

I lined up for the B's and at the whistle took the holeshot. I led through the stream crossing and into the first barrier section. Got passed right before the first singletrack section and the lead rider rode away and left me to ride in the chase group. This group consisted of Kyle Murphy, myself, Ian and Kevin Horvath.

We did a lap or two together and then Mr Horvath showed us his heels. That left the three of us to sort ourselves for the remainder of the race.

Kyle ended up going off course leaving Ian and myself to sprint for second place. The guy that took off in the first singletrack section didn't finish the race.

Kevin took the win, an Excellent Race and a well deserved win for Mr. Horvath. He rode away with it.

I was disappointed with the second place, especially after the race last year. I had focused on winning at this venue. But like last year, if I am going to get beat in a race, I would rather the smack down come from a friend. My disappointment is tempered by celebrating a friend's win. That and winning a cool pair of sunglasses.


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