Thursday, May 10, 2007

XTERRA Uwharrie

XTERRA Uwharrie

I competed in my first XTERRA race this past Sunday, which is consisted of a 1000m lake swim, “24k” mountain bike, and a 10k trail run. The swim had some chop as the wind was gusting at 20-30mph and I exited the water where I normally do. The mountain bike course was held on trails that were only recently opened to bikes. They have and still are equestrian trails. They were rocky and deeply rutted from the horses. There were 3 hike-a-bike sections on each lap, where the trail basically went straight up the fall line. This was my first time on trails on the new IF Deluxe. I had some difficulty on the technical sections as I am not used to riding a hard tail. But I made up time on the climbs as the Deluxe climbs like a scalded cat. Off the bike and on the run my hamstring cramped within a few hundred meters of the transition. This happened 3 more times on the trail, all I could do was try to massage the knot out. This led to me running stiff legged, not a good prospect considering all the logs that were across the trail. My run time was slow.

Overall I finished in 10th place for individuals and came in 3rd in my age group. This is the third podium of the year for me and had I been asked whether I would make the podium while on the run I would’ve laughed.

This race was a lot longer than I expected, after the race I heard someone had measured the bike leg at over 20.5 miles, a bit longer than the advertised “24k”. No worries though. I will take this experience and apply it to future races, especially concerning my pre- and in-race nutrition.

I had a serious case of DOMS (delay onset muscle soreness) after the race. Two days of icing my left hamstring and copious amounts of advil have helped.


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