Thursday, September 06, 2007

SM100, support

By now most people know how this year's Shenandoah Mountain 100 ended. If you don't know here's the cliff notes: Jeff Schalk of Trek/VW set a new course record taking 9 minutes off of Jeremiah Bishop's record from last year. Their teammate, Sue Haywood broke her own record, finishing in under 8:12. What is probably more impressive is she was the 12th finisher overall. Oh yeah Floyd Landis was third, coming in a minute and a half after my boy Harlan Price. Team IF had three racers in the top 15, Great Race Harlan, Harvey Minton, and Jeff Whittingham. Great race to all the Indy Fab riders.

I didn't ride, I volunteered. First spot for me was course marshalling around mile 12 or 14 at the Tillman-Route 924 intersection. Luckily, I only had to deal with one idiot motorist who was a bit upset that he had to share the road with cyclists, at 8 in the AM. He was looking for an argument, but screw him I wasn't going to give him what he wanted, just smiled and nodded at his inane ramblings. Asshat.

After the last rider rolled through that intersection I headed up 924 towards the entrance to Lynn trail. On the way up, Chris Eatough rolled pass me going down the mountain. *wait that's not right*. I stopped Justin who was riding his KTM and he let me know what happened to Chris and an exploding rear axle/hub. After picking Heidi up from her course marshalling spot, we made our way to aid station #5. We helped Chief and his crew set up and then waited. At around 11:55, Jeff Schalk rolled thru, barely slowing down to pick up a bottle. Thirteen minutes later Floyd Landis came thru relaxed and smiling. He grabbed a bottle and soon after his family came by in their van. Justin had relayed Harlan's needs so I had a bottle of HEED and some watermelon ready for him when he got to #5 just 4 and half minutes after Floyd. After the top 3 came through it was quite a while before more racers arrived.

I was on chain lube duty, asking riders if they needed some and then setting their bikes to the side of the road while they munched at the buffet. It was great seeing my friends roll into #5. Some were coherent, some not so with it, but everyone seemed in good spirts. Except maybe Shawn T., who had a hurt shoulder. One person I didn't see was James B. I was disappointed that he couldn't make it to full distance but he had to call it a day after his knee locked up. He gets major respect for just starting the race after an Explorer pulled in front of him causing him to t'bone it 4 days prior to the SM100. Sam rode a great race breaking the 10 hour barrier. My peeps from the 757, did it big, check out K-Dawg and Liz's race recaps. Also, check out Gwadzilla's reports, here, here and here. And here. If you haven't bookmarked his blog, do it now.

It was great to be a part of such a fine race. I got to see friends, teammates and fellow bikers enjoy incredible trails. Great job to Chris Scott for promoting an epic event.

also, Congrats to Chris Eatough for winning the NUE. Harlan was right there coming in second to Chris.

maybe next year...


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