Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The gallery...

Well Parker didn't win the Velonews photo contest. A crash photo won. oh well. Thanks to everyone who voted for him.

Big weekend coming up, on Saturday it's the UVA Homecoming game versus Connecticut. This follows the first race of the Virginia Cyclocross Series in Louisa. Luckily the game is at 3:30, which gives me plenty of time to race (at 10am) then make it back to the valley to catch a ride to Scott Stadium. No tailgating though. That will have to wait for the Wake Forest game.

On Sunday the second race of the VACX series takes place at Blue Wheel's IX Building, aka Urban Cross. Again, I'm racing at 10am but I won't have to rush off after my race. I'll stick around and drink James' beer, while I cheer and ring the cowbell for him, Patrick, his brother Andrew and Annette. I'll try to cheer for Billy as well but his race starts one minute after mine so I may have some trouble racing and ringing a cowbell for him.

Best of luck to my 757 peeps at Iron Cross.


Anonymous chris d said...

Thanks for the wishes. You'll have to join us next year. Have fun at the shorter, somewhat saner double-header.

7:11 PM  

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