Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Getting Dirty...


Shawn invited me to c'ville to partake in the Brownie Crit, a weekly mtn bike 'race'. Since this is a rest week, I said yeah and loaded the ti Deluxe for the trip to the farm. Seeing how I haven't ridden the deluxe in almost two months, I should have taken a bit of interest in tire pressure / age of the stans in the tire. About 150 meters into the preride, I burp the front tire and roll it off the rim. (fall #1) Thanks to James for letting me have some stans and the use of his floor pump. Fixed and off to preride, at least some of the trail.

Ride around the trail with Shawn, Dave, Jason and others was fun, although the tight switchbacks at the end of the course bit me (fall #2).

Light was mounted and the race begun. I rode within myself, taking it easy, never approaching the 'red'. no falls, whew. Tight, more Tight and Twisty trails. The course is the same as the Paranormal race coming up in a few weeks. I completed the lap in around 39 minutes, nothing stellar but that's ok, just looking to reacquant myself with mtn biking. Riding back to the car, I'm riding wheelies, having fun and the next thing I know, I'm flat on my back with my bike above me with my feet still clicked into the pedals (fall #3).

The ti Deluxe was punishing me for neglecting it. I know it. My guess is, it's jealous of all the time I've been spending with the Planet Cross. It has to understand that 'cross racing demands specification. Once the last 'cross race the ti Deluxe will get all the attention it deserves.


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