Thursday, September 06, 2007

cx practice

I splurged and spent $7.94 on a set of portable barriers. Here they are behind Billy:

Cyclocross practice will be Tuesday and Wednesdays at Montgomery Hall Park. Tuesdays will be skill sessions and Wednesdays will see friendly races. the course consists of one barrier section, 1-2 railroad tie stairs, off camber grass turns, steep climbs, pavement. A bit of all the good stuff.

The Planet Cross is ready for another season:
Pretty, isn't she?

VACX schedule has been released and will consist of 8 races. Six of them will take place over 3 consecutive weekends in October. Bam. 8 VACX races, 3-4 MABRA races and 1 MAC race will make for a fun season.

More Cowbell...


Blogger Kevin said...

Lookin good bra! Keep doin that homework... We are too! The bike is lookin ready to go!

8:18 PM  

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