Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For Sale...


I built the Bob Jackson as a fixie to use for winter training, but have found that I don't ride it as much as it warrants. It rides nice and is a comfortable bike. Besides, the hills in Staunton are not conducive to me riding a fixed gear bike. No need to blow out a knee on this bike when running does a good enough job of torturing my knees.

The wheel was on an old GT Avalanche that I originally converted to single speed using a singleator, but built the ENO so I could have proper chain tension. Singleators Suck. Anyway, I rode the GT with the ENO one time and it sat in the bike room. I wasn't enamored by the singlespeed experience. The GT will be rebuilt as a geared bike and given away to a kid that needs a nice bike, so the ENO is not needed.

What is needed though, is some cash to put towards a plane ticket to Belgium. Damn they are expensive. Bid, Buy, Send me to Belgium where I will drink beer, eat waffles, and ride the cyclotourist version of the Ronde Van Vlaanderen, aka Tour of Flanders.


The fixie does not have the BSNYC Seal, yet.


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