Friday, July 04, 2008

quick hits...

- ran a 5k this morning with Parker. He didn't actually run, but was chaffeured around the course in his BOB jogger. We took almost 2 minutes off of our time from last year. The legs are ready for next weekend's A race.

-the trails at Montgomery Hall Park are expanding. Queen City Cycling Club has been helping a local Boy Scout on his Eagle Scout project. We completed a 1.25 mile trail at the park that is all single track. The city Parks and Recreation department brought in a convict labor crew for two days to chainsaw and bench. And they built a rock wall. That was a huge help. The new trail adds to the 1 mile already in the park, with plenty of land available for more trails. These new trails will be built this winter as soon as cyclocross season ends.

-training has been hit or miss this week as family obligations have taken precedence. I feel strong so I'm not too worried about it.

-did a open water swim with Keith on Monday at Todd Lake. It was nice not to have to turn at a wall every 25 meters and stare at a black line for 45 minutes. It was an early morning as we met at 6am to swim. It was tough to get up at 5, because...

-went to C'ville to see Modest Mouse on Sunday night with Brian. Damn that was a great show. Isaac Brock crushed it and I got to hear/see Johnny Marr on the guitar. WOW it was incredible, high energy show, plus the copious amounts of Starr Hill Ale were delicious. yeah yeah this is a cycling blog not a music blog, but I did see someone with a bicycle tattoo so that counts.


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