Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Gone Ridin'...

While most cyclists in VA were readying themselves for Poolesville, Middle Mountain Momma, Lodi 12 hours or the Wintergreen Ascent, we loaded up the family truckster for a trip to PA to visit family and friends. Parker went on his first fishing trip with his Grandfather and Uncle. He had a great time. Later on some friends of ours from college came over. Matt and Katie have two boys, almost 5 years old and 6 months old. I guess the boys played together, I didn't get to see it as Matt, aka Dirty, and I headed to French Creek State Park to ride. Dirty and I have been riding bikes together since 1994, but haven't pushed the pedals for a couple of years. Damn it was good to ride the knobbies with him again.

And a great ride it was. I felt like I had blinders on that only allowed me to see the perfect line through the PA rock gardens. The ti Deluxe was exceptional at French Creek, enough that I entertained the idea of heading back up there this weekend for the On The Rocks @ French Creek race. But I can't really justify the travel expense when there are two races close by, so it'll be the Chimney Chase at Walnut Creek near C'ville. Besides, what I was feeling at French Creek was being able to have a chill social ride with a good friend. Back on our bikes it was like we were still in college riding trails after class (or instead of class), knowing we were heading back to lots of beers instead of wives and kids. Those were great days, but then again these are great days as well, we're both riding better bikes and we both have wonderful wives and great boys. We'll definitely need to hit these trails again when the family truckster heads north again.

Damn it was a good day.

Dirty looks happy.

Nice bikes.

Next time I may remember to take the camera on the ride. But at least I didn't lose the car keys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Had a blast. We need to do that more often!!! Luv you guys!!!


French Creek Rocked... NO really it Rocked!!!

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