Sunday, April 27, 2008

HOT in RVA...

This weekend was the first multisport race of the year. Nothing like jumping in feet first with a National Championship. Richmond hosted both the on and off road duathlon championships this weekend. I ponied up the cash a few months ago with the intention of testing myself early on this season. And tested I was. The format for the off-road event was a 10k run(2 loop course), 30k mtn bike, and 5k run. The runs used the same 5k course along the canal walk in downtown Richmond while the bike leg used the sweet trails of the JRP. Bell's Island (early enough in the day to keep the drunks away), Buttermilk, Forest Hill and North Shore trails were on tap and riding oh-so-sweet, great job MORE on the trail work. I headed to RVA on Friday to stay with IFJeff. We hooked up with the Cracker at Joe's and had a good time carbo loading. This is the second time that Jeff has hosted me for a multisport event and I may have him convinced to try it.

My race was better than I expected. I finished 17th overall and 5th in the big 35-39 age group. Since I've been mostly swimming and doing long rides, I was concerned how my run would develop and if I would have the punchy power needed on the JRP trails. With the new training schedule, I've only been running for two weeks, with more mileage soon to come. The first run leg went well, I went hard but didn't get in over my head. Once on the ti Deluxe, I pushed it as hard as the legs would let me. The deluxe railed the turns and crushed the climbs. It is by far a better bike than any I have ever had. Better than I can ride, but I try. Thanks Independent Fabrication. The bike was decked out with the new Ergon P1 Grips (review coming soon) and a flat Salsa bar. The cockpit is dialed in perfectly. I did cramp a bit on the bike leg, but motored through the pain, knowing it would soon pass. Again I heard some people out on the course cheering for me, Thanks. That's always appreciated even if I can't respond during the race other than project my race face (a look of death warmed over). Coming out of T2, my legs were feeling the 10k of running and 30k bike. Jeff yelled that I had 5k left in the tank and I took off down the hill to Trefalgar Road and the canal. I gave up one place on the run, but once the brick sessions began, I'll feel better on the final leg and run faster in future races. Probably the hardest aspect of the race was beginning it in the upper 60s and finishing it in the mid 80s. Once again the heat of Richmond was a formative opponent.

A big thanks to Jeff of Allez Training Systems for hosting me, and for the encouragement out on the trail. Again, thanks to IF Racing and Independent Fabrication.


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Sounds like a fun race. I considered it briefly... until I remembered that I would have to train for the run.

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