Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Night Fights...

The Thursday Night Fast rides have begun, tonight's version being the third so far this season. Big group showed up consisting of some heavy hitters and rolled out from Black Dog Bikes. The ever-slimming James, IronMan Rob, Racin' Ron, Strong Jon, Climbing Doug, Quick Andy, Patricio now known as the Leg Breaker, and myself. We met aerobar Dan, sans aerobars, at the start of Limestone Road. The ride was on and many gauntlets were thrown.

The LegBreaker scaled the Mt Pisgah hill in his big ring, leaving every one with an ever diminishing view of his rear wheel. He wasn't finished with us, as he stayed on the front taking monster pulls. Notice: Watch this kid. Especially this sunday if you are at the Jefferson Cup race. And more so if you are racing with him in Cat 4.

Rob is a big diesel, and the smart spot on the ride was staring at his rear wheel. Dropping into his wake was obvious as it felt like you just drove a VW bug behind a semi. Oh yeah, the dude is Strong up the hills too.

apres Ride was chill, thanks to Jon's beer stash. The spring classics were discussed along with the recent sniper shootings. (freaking idiots out there, be safe). Kevin regaled us with stories of his past travels to Europe. He will be in Flanders at the same time that Sam and I will be. We're going to try and meet up to spin pedals together in the home of spring races.

This is always a fun ride, especially when Shakin at the Station is going on and we roll thru there with our sweaty lycra kits. Gotta love the drunk chicks...


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Sweet ride!!!

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