Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It was a good day...

Woke up early, got breakfast and into work early. I got a bunch of stuff done, sent an email to the boss to let him know I'd be leaving early. He replied, "enjoy". Thanks boss. Checked the RunRideRace website for Sunday's results and found that I finished in 8th place. Not bad for having only one long ride in the legs this year. Eleven am rolled up quick, time didn't drag like it can when you know quitting time is early.

IFJeff called from 5 minutes out and by the time I walked out of the door, Jeff was pulling into the lot. A few quick pleasentries and it was off to my house to kit up. Jeff came to town for a gravel road ride and I was chomping at the bit to get on the bike. Jeff rode his CJ with the 'cobble' wheels and I threw my leg over the Planet Cross with a new Reynolds carbon fork. We made a quick stop at the shop to pick up up a map and then we headed south on Middlebrook Ave. to taste some of Augusta County's finest roads.

42 miles and we had less than 10 cars pass us on the roads. There was nothing but beautiful weather ahead of us with the sun shining down and warming our legs as we motored up the hills. After a few miles it was a right turn onto gravel for today's adventure. The loop we took has 25 or 30 miles (plus/minus) of the sweetest gravel roads. Thank you James, as he is the author of the loop. Some deep, full-on power sections and then smooth roller coaster gravel pitches, it doesn't get much better. This great ride, as they all do, had to come to an end. We made our way to Baja Bean for some beer and good tex-mex.

After Jeff and I parted ways, I headed to the CSPDC offices and attended this month's meeting of the Regional Bike-Ped meeting. We listened to Allen of BikeVirginia's presentation. The chairwoman is going to help get the club in touch with the right person to help move the Berry Farm project along. I talked to Thomas about another trail project and he gave me some good information on how to deal with the local parks and rec. Yeah, more trails in the valley.

Made it home to pick up the wife and Parker and we were off to dinner with friends. We had a wonderful dinner with Andy and Kelly, and Parker had fun sharing dinner and toys with Gillian. Not wanting this time with our friends to end, we went to Klines for ice cream. Parker and Gillian had a blast running and playing, so much fun, they neglected their ice cream. Don't worry Andy and I didn't let it go to waste.

Yeah, it was a good day...


Blogger james26b said...

Sounds like a great ride and day. Glad you boys didn't get lost out there in gravel road land. See you tonight, don't rip my les off.

Cheers, James

9:48 AM  
Blogger solobreak said...

Hi - I'm coming down there for the Jefferson Cup and then staying the week to train. Would you mind emailing me at jellysidedown at gmail? I'd like to pick your brain for routes and other area info if you don't mind. Thanks!

7:45 AM  

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