Wednesday, March 05, 2008

quick hit post...

  • Did a big ride with James and the new kid on the block, Matt "verMonty Python". Big Climbs. Little North Mountain (little my butt), Great North Mountain x2. Troxel Gap, Hite Hollow, and Old Parkersburg Turnpike were the gravel road climbs. Even found some snow on the descent to Deerfield.

  • Hitting the first Camp Hilbert race this Sunday. Going big with the Enduro (5 hour) event. Big crew is showing up for this race. James, Old Man Joe, Matt, maybe more from Staunton, plus plenty of CAMBC and Bike Factory folks. My teammate, IFJeff will be there going for a repeat of the series Expert Vet win. Gwadzilla may even show up.
  • The Queen City Cycling Club is back up and running, second meeting of the year was tonight. Main topics were money, membership and the upcoming Queen City Century 2.0 on May 18 (mark your calendar)
  • Thursday Night Fast Rides will be starting next week, on Thursday (duh) the 13th, riding at 5:30. Meet behind Black Dog Bikes. Come out and help put the hurt on Patricio, the bambino.
  • Wednesday Night Social Rides start next week as well. Looks like the boss will be attending these rides. It's about time I gave her a kitchen pass, so she can ride. 5:30 and leaving from Black Dog Bikes.
  • Weight, plateaued at 158. Still working at it.
  • Sounds like IFJeff will be making a trip to the Valley. We'll hit some gravel roads on a big ride. Gotta get the undercarriage used to riding on rough roads. Gravel, cobbles, Tour of Flanders is a month away.
  • Bought a new car, traded the old 'ru in on newer Subaru. Upgraded to an Outback. Just need a new bike rack and stereo to plug the iPod into and it'll be ready for road trips to races.

That's about it, thanks for reading. See ya at Hilbert...


Blogger Kevin said...

See ya'll there Homeboy!

8:24 PM  
Blogger gwadzilla said...


how was Camp Hilbert?

10:26 AM  

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