Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Race...

We woke up late on Sunday, it probably had something to do with a big ride the day before, getting lost on the way back and not getting to sleep till midnight. Sam and I quickly loaded up the car and made our way towards the village, Nokere and the second hill of the Ronde. Sam piloted the Kia while I navigated our route using a race map handout and google map printouts. For some reason we found the race course despite my efforts. We saddled up to the fence and waited. The race caravan comes through and we wait. More cars. Motorcycles. Once the helicopters arrive we know the race is at hand. The racers getting TV time roll in front of us and we wait a few minutes for the peloton to arrive. We yell like everyone else, than make our way back to the car and the drive to Meerbeke. Except we root for Slipstream and are yelling Meatball.

Once in Meerbeke, we grab a bite to eat, then a beer and walk around the finish area. We heard the finish of the women race and saw the ladies riding through to their respective team vehicles. Nice. No seriously, Nice.

About an hour before the scheduled finish, Sam and I position ourselves at the 125m to go point on the fence and wait. Nothing much to do but watch the race unfold on the big screen tv, no walking around at this point as we don't want to give up our prime spot. It was an Epic Race with Devolder soloing from over 25km out to take the win while clad in the Belgian National Champion Jersey. wow. The power of the main group as it roars by us is awe inspiring, it's not measured in watts but in megawatts.

helluva race.

Artsy shot for your viewing pleasure.

Pimping the Lion and the IF shirt.

Mmm Cobbles...

Looking down into the village of Nokere.

The breakaway comes through.

Followed by the peloton.

Ballan and his boo-boo. That's gotta hurt.

The RvV monument in Meerbeke.

Just watching some TV.

About an hour before the finish.

45 minutes later...

Belgian National Champion winning the Ronde, a Beautiful Win.

The sprint for second.

Big George going for a solid 5th place.

The big Guns, the Roubaix Three.

Soft pedal to the finish, a day's work is done.


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