Friday, April 18, 2008


It's been almost a week since this year's edition of Harris-Roubaix. Pronounced harry-ruebay, it's a Shenandoah Valley Classic. This ride (race) takes advantage of Rockingham County's oh-so-sweet gravel roads just north of Harrisonburg. After a short 10 mile ride to the start point, the ride (race) hits a ~15 mile loop that is predominantly narrow gravel roads. Do as many laps as you want but if you fancy some bragging rights, it'll take you 3 laps of hard riding (racing). Unlike Paris-Roubaix, this ride (race) has some punchy climbs, none of that flat land stuff they have in northern France.

Met Patricio and James in the parking lot and rolled to Court Square to catch up with my peeps. damn, it was cold, but if you're cold at the start then you are dressed correctly. The group (50-60 strong) paraded north to the start of the gravel loop. The ride (race) started with a neutral section and once the word was sounded it was on. Thomas sprinted for the early glory before the first pave section, followed by the main group that was stringing out. I rolled along with Jimmy Mc, another Allez Training Systems athlete. We compared notes on how Jeff has helped us both become faster racers. After a couple of pave sections I felt my front end starting to shudder. Uh Oh. Carbon steerer, loose headset, rough pave; not a confidence inspiring combination. I stayed in the front group till about 5 miles to go in the first lap. I got caught behind some guy in lederhosen riding a fixie and another guy who sat up on a longish climb. From that point I rode in the second group till the start/finish where I stopped and fixed the front end shudder. Once on the second lap, I put my head down and motored, catching up with the riders I had been with. Nothing exciting happened on the second lap. As I came in, I called it a day, telling Patricio who was heading out on his 3rd lap. Marshall heard this and started heckling me. Told me I couldn't pull out since I was in the top 10. Not wanting to disappoint the man, the myth, the legend, I take off in pursuit of Patrick. After giving him some food, I wished him well and turned towards Harrisonburg. Sorry Marshall, but my kitchen pass ended at 4pm and I had to get home.

Jimmy won. nice job. holla.


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One year I want to get up for that ride (race).

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