Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Race...

My A race for the season is this weekend at Rocky Gap State Park. It'll be my second time on this course, so hopefully I won't have a repeat of last year's extra mileage from a missed turn. The 1200m swim is followed by 14 miles of mountain bike, with some pavement (time trial sections). Nothing too technical on the bike, but there are a few solid rock gardens that the ti Deluxe will eat up, not to mention Evitt's Revenge hill. It's a two lap course so I have a bit of concern on the second lap with having to deal with lapped traffic on the one narrow single track area. I'll just be polite until I shouldn't be polite. Most of the racers know to cede the line when another racer comes up from behind. So far this year I haven't had any issues, and I hope that continues.

The run uses some of the bike course until it hits the narrow and most technical sections on the course. This is a great run course, grass, trail, some pavement and a hand over fist bouldering section. Then it is a short trail to about a mile on the pavement and then it's back to the finish. I'm planning on taking time off of my result from last year. I know the course, I'm better trained, rested, and motivated to do well. Plus, Holly and Parker will be there with me. If I am alone in the finishing chute, Parker will get his first XTERRA finish. If someone is trying to sprint me to the line, well daddy's gotta do what he does. He will of course be pimping the IF Jersey that Jon Bruno sent him last year. Looks like it'll just be Parker and I spreading the IF Love as I haven't heard from Steve if he's racing.

I wonder if Denelle is racing... Maybe she's scared...(jk) She's been rocking the XTERRA and mountain bike races this year. Hope to see her, Shawn and the Bike Factory crew at EX2.

Wish me well, I'll need some postive energy directed to western Maryland on Sunday morning.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.


Blogger Little Lion said...

So how was your race? We're waiting for the race report!

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