Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hilbert #1

You would think after all the years I've been racing I'd know what I was doing. Nope.

Forgot to bring food. Not good at a 5 hour race.

Didn't air up the rear tire. Not good on a rooty course.

In spite of those issues the 29er rocked it, my lap times were much faster than a race there last year. Plus, I got to ride a couple of laps with my friend. Always good.

Nice training race, It was good to push the legs around in circles to get the 'run' out of them.


Blogger Jim Burnett said...

I saw your name on the Tri Standings. Do you still train for Triathlons? I'm in Staunton VA too maybe you could give me some pointers.


1:16 PM  
Blogger MRussell said...

Jim, yeah I'm still training for tri's. Stop by Black Dog Bikes and give James your contact info and we'll get together and train...

8:05 AM  

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