Saturday, June 13, 2009

No Atlantic Cup this year...

I came down with a sinus infection a few days after the WV race. This was on top of a nasty calf strain that I iced every two hours for a few days. Well, the muscle strain went away and the sinus infection went south. To my lungs.

I suffered through last weekend with a nasty cough and on Monday went to see my doctor. After listening to my chest, he let me know that I won the "worst sounding lungs of the day" award. Yippeee. He prescribed antibiotics, prednisone, and high-test cough medicine. Not a good combination with the Atlantic Cup race coming up in less than a week. I spoke to my coach on Tuesday and we came to the conclusion to skip the race. If I woke up Saturday and felt 100% than I could do the race. Well, this morning I still had a bit of a cough, no race.

Next week was a scheduled recovery week and with the last week and half off, it'll be a good set to get back up speed. Next weekend is the Bath County Tri, and I want to be in good shape for it. A bunch of people from Staunton are doing this race, so I'm looking forward to racing with some friends from town. Hopefully, the chest cold hasn't set me too far back. I have 4 weeks until my A race, so the Bath Tri will be good to see what I need to focus on in the upcoming weeks.


Blogger Trishie said...

I know it's a tough call, but I think you did the right thing by deciding not to race. Better to skip this race and recover/ heal than push it and spend even more time recovering. (one of my friends ended up not doing EagleMan today because she was sick). Feel better !

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