Tuesday, March 10, 2009

no recap this week...

Sunday was supposed to be the first mountain bike race of the year. I was planning on competing in the Camp Hilbert Series Enduro event, five hours of fun in the forest. You would think it would have been a great day with the sun shining and 70+ temperatures, but the snow earlier in the week left the trails in bad shape. Mark of RunRideRace postponed the race till April 4. No enduro race for me then, I'll roll the Expert Vet race with an offroad duathlon the following weekend.

I'm not too disappointed in missing this race, although I was looking forward to rolling with IFJeff. A nice parade lap-paced race in the woods is a great start to the season. Last year saw me complete 8 laps here in preparation for the trip to the Ronde van Vlaanderan. No worries as James would say.

Knowing I wouldn't be riding the ti Deluxe in Oilville, had me rearranging my schedule and in the woods at Montgomery Hall Park on Saturday and Sunday. I finished the flagging of the new trail while Jon and James cleared the corridor behind me after James closed the shop on Saturday. The next day we cleared a bunch of nastiness and got the entrance near the Springel softball field finished. Just a few more workdays and the trail corridor will be clear and rideable. Then a few more days of the Park's crews benching and MHP will be completely finished.

Go Ride.


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