Thursday, October 09, 2008

Blue Ridge Cup

The Blue Ridge Cup has begun.

The first race of the Blue Ridge Cup took place on Tuesday in H’burg. VerMonty Matt and I represented Staunton and left the ‘burg with a second place standing. Ha Take that c’ville!!! Check out the recap at Jeremiah’s blog.

Okay, the next race is Tuesday and is across the mountain in C’ville. We need to roll in strong and show ‘em what Staunton has. Cyclocross or Mountain bikes will work and don’t forget to bring wives, girlfriends (if you have both, choose just one) and husbands/boyfriends, kids, parents and friends, WE GET POINTS FOR SPECTATORS.

The race will take place at the Tevendale Farm near Earlysville. 551 Allen Rd

The race will begin at 5:30 on Tuesday.

Oh yeah did I mention that the Blue Ridge Cup is sponsored by Starr Hill Brewery?

No cost to race, other than some sweat and blood, both of which can be replenished with Free Beer after the race.

I’m there, so who’s showing up to race and represent Staunton???


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