Thursday, August 21, 2008

Last Race...

The last race of the triathlon season was this past Sunday. I almost didn't go, but I had preregistered so the cheap in me forced me to go. My fitness peaked a few weeks ago and I was concerned how much I had left in the tank. Well, I'm glad I went as my worries were unfounded. I've strung 3 solid races together, each with strong legs in each discipline. At the Charlottesville XTERRA race on Sunday I swam well, hit the trails on the ti Deluxe and rode consistently, then I had a good run. Not as good of a run as the Appalachia race, but I thoroughly enjoyed the trails at Walnut Creek Park. I finished 10th overall and second in the 35-39 AG, taking over 17 minutes off of my time from last year. Yeah, I'm happy I manned up and raced.

This week has been an off week, no training. Jeff prescribed a week of beer drinking, which will come in handy as I'm heading to WV this weekend to party with some friends.

I would normally start training for cyclocross next week but that's being put on hold with the move. Once we get settled in the new house, I'll break out the barriers and start turning laps on the grass at MHP.

Here's to the off season and the next season.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go. Nice results in both those tris.

You just put off that cyclocross training as long as you like.

Good luck with the move.

9:00 PM  

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