Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trail News...

The valley is home to an obscene amount of stellar trails, one of IMBA's Epics is a short drive away. But it's a drive, and there is something to being able to roll to a local park and ride trails. So our local bike club built a trail at Montgomery Hall Park. And we plan on building more this winter.

On Monday, Mindi Westhoff of the NewsLeader met James, Patricio, Keith and myself at the park to do a story on our trail project. The article ran today, Front Page, w00t. It even had a picture of James and I, above the fold and we remembered to smile. Cause smiling and mountain biking are like peas and carrots.

here's the article. Let me know if you want to ride, or help build more trail later this year.

Thanks to Staunton's Parks and Recreation for letting us construct trails and thanks to Mindi for the article.

and thanks to Patrick and James for getting this started.

now if we could just think of a name for it.


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