Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blue Ridge Cup Final

The final was hosted in Charlottesville at the Tevendale Farm as the foofs accrued the most points. A placing they held at the end of the race, Congratulations C'ville. The Trophy is yours, earned well.

I was the only rider from Staunton, as everyone else had other priorities. Matt, I hope you got into the convo. Jonathan, heal up and get back to Virginia. James, well you had to work we understand.

Patrick, where were you??? Bathed in the glow of your computer monitor? Too cool to take part in the Blue Ridge Cup? No ride, you can't use that excuse...

Rides for the weekend.

The Paranormal Race at the Tevendale Farm on Saturday. 6 hours of fun on the farm, starts at 4pm, bring lights.

James is leading a big ride on Whetstone Ridge on Sunday. Lots of climbing, delicious singletrack, plan on most of the day.

If you don't want to go big and would rather stay close to town, or you can't get a kitchen pass for the Whetstone or Paranormal rides, VerMonty Matt and I will be hitting the stash then rolling MHP at 10am on Sunday.

Do something, Go Ride.


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Cheers to that!!!

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