Monday, January 05, 2009

For Matt...

So I got some grief from my buddy Matt today for not posting. Yeah, it's been a while. Excuses vary, but let's chalk it up to indolence for now.

So what's been going on in the world of Shenandoah Cycling...?

Building trails. QCCC has started the second phase of the Montgomery Hall Park trail system. Over 3 weekends, we built a half mile section. This past Sunday, we nearly doubled it. There are going tobe a lot of nice features, rock gardens, bermed turns through a glade section. This trail will be more open and less twisty as the scout/pretzel aka New-Old trail.

Parker received a new bicycle from Santa this year. It's a red Specialized Hot Walk, a like-a-bike. Red 'cause everyone knows that red bikes are the fastest.

Been drinking some beer here and there. My new favorite restaurant/brewery is Devil's Backbone Brewing Company. Great Food, and Exceptional Beer. It is located at the base of Wintergreen mountain, right behind the Ski Barn. I highly recommend stopping and have a beer or two if you're in the area.

Training, oh yeah. I've been training for the 2009 season. Swimming a bunch, making progress. Running some, ramping up the mileage. Haven't been riding much other than a night ride here and there, and a weekly spin class. Once we get some daylight till 7pm the rides will go long. Looking forward to working with Jeff at Allez Training Systems again this year.

Races. The first race of the season is fast approaching. I'll be lacing 'em up for an off road duathlon on Jan 18th in VA Beach. Should be excruciating, but it's a great way to knock the cobwebs loose and motivate me for long training hours. I'll be sporting the green for IF Racing again this year and have some lofty goals for the season. IF Racing has some new racers this year, one of them is Kyle. I'm stoked to have Kyle on the team and lining up with him and Jeff at some of the Commonwealth's races. I want to learn some of Kyle's skills, maybe.

Hey Matt, how's that?


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