Sunday, October 08, 2006

Short Course...

Breast Cancer Awareness race was held yesterday at the Hagerstown, Maryland fairgrounds. AVC, the promoting club staked off an interesting course. Interesting in that they didn't have much real estate to work with, but they did make use of everything they had. Offcamber, 2 sets of barriers, sand, quick descents and one nice short, steep ascent were all put together on a course that was very short but flowed well.

Men's B completed 11 laps. Yeah, 11. Meaning 22 sets of barriers and 11 tough grinds up the hill to the top of the course. I have never been on a course that short but at least it gave plenty of opportunity to practice barriers at race speed.

I started towards the end of the 46 B racers but moved up at the first 180 degree turn to be mid pack. Went hard the first few laps until the pack thinned itself out, kept seeing the sharp end of the race on the switchbacks which was encouraging. I found myself racing with Mike O'Hara of LSV, Chris Harshman of SnowValley, and Miles of Joe's Bike with Matt Michel just behind us. Our group traded the lead off, racers would move up and back, and I kept moving off the back but kept them within sight. The sand was slowing, holding me back but I felt strong on the barriers and the steep hill. Miles dropped a chain on a barrier towards the end and was out. Mike moved past me on with two laps to go but I stayed right with him. On the last ascent I went by him as he seemed to falter. Chris had dropped off our wheels at the beginning of the final lap. As soon as I made it the top, it was four turns and a pavement finish. Just thought push hard, ride smooth.

Finished 15th. One better than last week. I feel like my speed is improving but so is everyone else's.

My dad went to race with me, it was his first cyclocross race. He enjoyed the race and it was nice to have someone cheering for me. It's always good to have a cheering section. Talked to Kevin Dillard before the race. He's riding a sweet DeSalvo bike in Green and Pink. Odd choice of colors if you try to imagine green and pink on bike, but it looks great with some Chris King anodized pink.

3 weeks until the start of the Virginia Cyclocross Series and races for 5 straight weeks. Fun.


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