Monday, December 11, 2006

Cyclocross Series Final...

Yesterday was the final installment of this year's VA cyclocross series. The race was held at Darden Towe Park in Charlottesville, which is a brand new venue for the series. Let's hope this park will be used in future years as it was one of the better courses we raced.

Rolled in early to watch the the Masters race and had a chance to wish Chris Scott and Sam Thompson good luck. Busted out the cowbell and yelled for both of 'em. Chris rode the big hill each lap, bar one where he spun out about 20 feet from the top. Sam ran it each lap, knowing my skill set I decided that I would run it as well. Chris was vying for the lead in the Masters 35 race with another racer for the whole race and only reliquished the top placing in the final lap. Sam was neck and neck the whole race with another guy and held it for the final sprint up the hill and the short 50 feet to the finish line. Sam did the brand new Planet X proud by winning the Masters 35+ state series overall by taking 3rd behind Chris.

The B race rolled out 1:01 and was the last race of the day. We had call ups for the first time this year, and with my top billing I was first to the line, followed by Kevin and George. The hole shot was taken by a Richmond Ciclismo rider who quickly fell off the pace. I locked myself on to Kyle Murphy and his black Planet X's rear wheel. The way he's been riding in the past few races, I predicted that he would take this race. I stayed on his wheel until 2 laps to go when Mark Cockrell attacked (Kevin said he would come on strong at the end of the race). I looked around and didn't see Kevin and my moment's hesitation saw Kyle and Mark roll away from me. I made an effort at the start of the final lap to latch back on but only made it to within 100 feet. I decided to roll it conservative for the final lap as I had a good gap on Kevin and all I had to do was finish to take the series. I could see Kyle and Mark duke it out on the final run up and cheered for Kyle as he took the race. For grins and giggles, I rode the final hill and rolled through the finish with a satisfied feeling. With the third place finish, I had won the Virginia B Men series. My mom came to the race with Holly and Parker. My dad came too and watched his second 'cross race. James stayed after his C class race and cheered. Annette and her husband came over and cheered as well, thanks to all of you.

My goal for this cyclocross season was to win the B Men, meeting this goal has been satisfying. Add to this my results in the MABRA series, the 2nd place overall result in the VA Triathlon Series 35-39 AG and becoming a father, Yeah it's been a Great Year.

I couldn't have done this without help. Thanks first and foremost to Holly and Parker. Les, Jody and Taz at East Coast Bicycle Academy have been a huge help, Thank You. Another round of thanks to James at Black Dog Bikes. The Virginia B Men are a good group of guys who race with fun and sportsmanship, thanks for being great competitors.

And Congrats to Sam for winning the Masters 35+ series and thanks for being a good training partner and great friend.


Blogger JB said...

Congrats on the strong riding and series win.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Taz Brown said...

Yeah Mark!!!! I'm a little late on that but I've been a little busy. Great job on a great season to you and Sam!

10:39 PM  
Blogger Taz Brown said...

Yeah!!! Mark!!! Way to go! I'm a little late but I was just catching up on my blog reading.

10:44 PM  

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