Saturday, January 27, 2007

American Podium Place and belgium ale...

Danny Summerhill, junior cyclocross racer, placed second today in the Cyclocross World Championships.

Tomorrow we'll see how the Elite Women (Go Dee Dee!!!) and Elite Men do against the world's best. Starting the weekend off with a Silver in the Junior Men bodes well for American cyclocrossers.

Best of luck to Tonkin, Page, Trebon, Scholten and Wicks in the Elite Men and Dee Dee, Kerry, Katie, Rhonda, and Christine in the Elite Women. Show the Euro's what the Americans can do!!!

I took Chris' advice and made sure I had plenty of beer available for the World Championship weekend. I didn't stock the beer fridge with belgian imports It's tough to get here other than Stella Artois or Duvel which can be found for $14 and I even have the correct glass for Duvel. Instead, the fridge was replenished with a pig of Queen City Brewing's Belgian Ale. If you live in the valley and want a fine crafted microbrewery beer, try Queen City Brewing. They have a wide selection of lagers and ales available for purchase or if you want to brew your own, they are a Brew-On-Premise. Select a style of beer you want and they provide you with the ingredients to brew your own beer.

Enjoy and cheer for the Americans riding in Belgian mud...


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