Saturday, July 07, 2007


It's been far too long since the last post, I apologize. Even my mom was giving me grief for not updating my blog.

Here are some race recaps (I'll post trail/road advocacy separately)

  • XTERRA East Championships: This was my A race, too bad my body didn't get the memo. The swim went ok for me, even with the multiple crossings of the river. Once out of the water I was on the bike and onto the trails, fighting to get around people on the tight trails of Belle's. This was repeated in the Forest Hills section, seems people didn't know to move aside when someone comes up from behind. It was tough getting around them and I didn't have the bike time I wanted. Once on the run I felt good. At least until the flood wall, out in the sun and I started to cook. By mile 4 I was done. I started feeling the onset of cramps while crossing the dry river bed. The hammies seized at the top of Belle's Island, vision blurred and tunneled. I did see a bunch of guys in my age group go past me as I hobbled towards the finish. I'll do better next year.

  • Charlottesville Sprint (road tri with a trail run) I had done this race last year and finished 6th overall and 2nd in my age group. I would match those placings again this year while taking over two minutes off my time from 2006. And that was with a longer swim this year. I needed to do well to put richmond behind me. The bike leg is similar to what I ride in the valley with lots of rollers and swooping turns. I ended up with the fastest bike leg and hit the trail feeling great. This feeling lasted for the 3 miles of tight and twisty trail. The family came over and watched the race, while not as spectator friendly as cyclocross, they still had fun.

  • Firecracker 5k, OK, it's not cycling but a wheeled vehicle was involved. This was Parker's first official race as we signed him up so he would have an official result. He was ready for the race with his "I raced with daddy for the first time on July 4, 2007" t-shirt. Thanks Terri!!! There were no other baby joggers in the field so we didn't trash talk at all. (Bill W. was traveling back from IMCDA) We took it easy and ran a decent pace finishing the 5k in 21:27, with Parker coming across the line a split second in front of me. He has a great finishing kick. Parker received a trophy for winning the 10 and under age group. He was magnanimous and gave the trophy to the kid who actually ran the race and hadn't ridden in a BOB. I was suprised to see that I took 3rd in my age group. It was awesome to be able race with him and I look forward to many more.

Next on tap is the EX2 in Flintstone Maryland on the 15th. This will be a 1200m (2lap) lake swim, 14 mile mountain bike and a 5 mile trail run. I feel strong and will try to podium and get some points.


Anonymous chris d said...

Hey, your Xterra description sounds a lot like mine from the '05 and '06. That's a hard course in the heat. Way to go on everything. And happy birthday to the Parker.

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