Friday, May 25, 2007

a few things..

It's friday and once again I've failed to post an entry this week. Yeah Sam, I'm slacking and the crickets are loud. Well here are a few ideas bouncing around my head.

-The 1st Annual Queen City Century was a success. We had 40 participants, none of whom became too terribly lost. (whew) Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, the routes and the rest stop. We set the ride up so we had one rest stop and 4 'lollipop' shaped loops from that point. A big thank you to James Sara Annette Tish Rieta Mahlon Alice Joan and Holly for all the help. And thank you to all the riders who braved the Shenandoah Valley winds. Parker enjoyed his time at the rest stop.

-Training was put on the backburner while I marked routes and did other century related tasks. I'm not too worried as it came along at the start of a recovery week.

-Went on a great ride with Jon, James and Andrew on Tuesday, when we rode south to McKinley and back via Middlebrook. Rolled on the Planet Cross, ah the sweet ride of Steel. I was left with the idea that I should replace the drivetrain as it has a number of cyclocross seasons in it. The right shifter is finicky and 10 speed is nice. I should just stay with 9 speed and get a new shifter and rear derailleur. It's about time to strip it to the frame and apply touchup paint and wax it before putting her back together with new parts.

-I'm in NoVa today waiting for my brother to come pick me up so we can drive to Indianapolis for the 500. This will be my 9th or 10th year going. There are only 5 of us going this year, the most we've had was 14. Lot of fun. Golf the day before the race, eat well, drink lots, you get the idea. Well I have a bunch of time to kill before he gets here so I'm going to visit bike shops. Bike Shop Therapy. I should've brought a bike so I could ride into DC, oh well.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend...


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