Monday, October 09, 2006

Share the Road in Staunton...

Streets in Staunton need "Share The Road" signs. I created a list of streets/roads that should have signage. The streets were placed in three groups; City Entry, Parks, and School Zones.

City Entry
Springhill Road
Churchville Avenue
West Beverly Street
Middlebrook Avenue
New Hope Road
Barterbrook Road
Morris Mill Road
Old Greenville Road

Constitution Avenue
Montgomery Avenue

School Zones
Englewood Drive/Shutterlee Mill Road
Grubert Avenue
North Coalter Street
Greenville Avenue

The city entry areas are at or near the city limits with signs being placed in both directions of travel. Constitution Avenue is the road the goes through Gypsy Hill Park and Montgomery Avenue is the street leading to Montgomery Hall Park. The signage in the School Zones would be placed outside of the "school zone" flashing signage.

This list will be presented at the Central Shenandoah Valley Bicycle/Pedestrian Committee meeting later this month. This is in additon to the 3 routes for western Augusta County that will be used in promoting recreational cycling and tourism. Route signage is important along with signage that reminds motorists to share the road.


Blogger gwadzilla said...

people here do not care about signs

that said

I want to work on a few sign projects

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