Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cyclocross Nationals, Local Champions...

Congratulations to Charlottesville racers, Deidre Winfield and Fred Wittwer.

Dee Dee won the Master Women 30-34 championship while Fred won the Master Men 55-59 championship. Check out for the full results. Fred races for Charlottesville Racing Club (CRC) and while Dee Dee races for Vela Bella she used to race for CRC. Great job to both of these local racers.

Also wanted to give a few atta boys for some MABRA B racers. Marc Vettori, Chris Nystrom and Chris Harshman raced in the Masters events yesterday. Hope to read their take on Nationals in their blogs.

I'm also looking forward to Chris Scott's take on nationals and his Master Men 35-39 race. Wonder if he hopped the barriers???


Blogger Chris said...

It was awesome.

C-Ville represented in a big way on Friday and the Mid-Atlantic had a very good weekend.

Friday was really fast and I had a bad couple of laps. Sunday was crazy, but I had good legs and had some fun out there.

196 guys in a 'cross race is silly, but it was pretty cool.

4:17 PM  

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