Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Staunton's Bike Plan in the media...

From Sunday's edition of the Daily News Leader:

Bike path plans roll
Staunton trail takes shape
By David Royer/staff

STAUNTON — The first segments of a trail for bikers and hikers should be circling Betsy Bell and Mary Gray mountains next month, as Staunton lays the groundwork for a network of greenway trails that may one day span the city.
The proposed Staunton Frontier Trail would lead adventure seekers from the Frontier Culture Museum to Gypsy Hill Park and beyond, both on and off roads....

Read the full article here.

And today's Op-Ed page of the Daily News Leader:

Bike paths get a nod

...Since the Betsy Bell path is essentially ready to go and the entire plan is set to come before City Council for approval within the next two to three months, we'd recommend that the city give the green light to the bike paths around Betsy Bell and Mary Gray mountains. We won't recover what the peaks once were anytime soon, but the paths will be a fine way to enjoy what's left of them and the view of the Queen City.

Read the full editorial here.


Blogger David Fritz said...


Thanks for noticing the pieces in today's News Leader.

Most folks who don't deal with copyright issues don't always realize it, but it's a no-no to do a full cut and paste of a story, editorial or letter from another publication onto your blog. You're free to post a summary (no more than 10% of the total article length) and a link to the full source.

For us to enforce our copyright in any circumstances, we need to consistently enforce it in all circumstances, so we'd appreciate it if you would cut back on the amount of material you quoted.

I would have handled this offline rather than here, but I didn't see a direct e-mail address.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Dave Fritz
executive editor
The News Leader
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Blogger MRussell said...

Not a problem, I will pare down the post this evening. Any chance on getting a permanent link to the articles that I could use? I would rather have that then a link that may be dead in a week or two. Which was the reason for the full post in the first place.

I need to thank you for running the pieces, and for providing the blog/feedback features on newsleader.com.

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