Monday, February 12, 2007

back on track...

Back on track with the training after suffering through a chest cold which was compounded by some bruised ribs. I do not recommend the combination. I took a few days off last week and the days I was on, I kept the rides/runs on the easy side. Jumped in the pool tonight and did a set of surges prescribed by Jeff. The ribs were sore but I made it through the workout. The Masters swim club was in the pool and their coach as nice enough to give me some pointers. He said he would help me, so that's encouraging. I like to swim, I'm just slow. And in case you're wondering, I don't pimp the banana hammock.

Spent a great weekend with friends. Al and Chrissy came down from Nova with their son, Owen. It was great to see Parker and him together. For some reason Al and I always seem to tip a few back when they are here. We started off at Baja with a few beers. this was followed up with Abita Restoration Ale and then we went Trappist with bottles of Chimay and Duvel. Needless to say I was hurting Sunday. Blue Mountain Coffee fueled my trainer session in the afternoon. Ben and Alix came over with Max and Nate for dinner. Parker and the twins were checking each other out, I'm looking forward to when they are mobile and can play together. Soon enough.

Tomorrow is an AM run with a trainer session after work. It's good to back on track...


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