Thursday, February 08, 2007

Epic did me in...

So Sam and I met the TriPower crew at Wintergreen on Saturday for a big ride at Big Levels. My kind of people, spend a weekend at a ski resort in February to go mountain biking. They came to the valley to do the Super Bowl ride. Ride reports here, here, and here. Which i missed, damn cough. While they spent the day basking in the busom of the Alleghenys, I was taking a 4+ hour nap. Still feeling the effects of the cough, slowly getting back into the training regimen.

Don't try to be a star and train through a cold...


Blogger kevin said...

You betta come out to play when we come to town! It was great riding with you and Sambo. We hope to get up there again when it's nice and warm out. If you had to choose, you chose the better of two days to ride... Sunday was C O L D! I had a blast fireroad blazin with ya!!!

8:56 AM  

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