Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm done with the cold...

Both the cold weather and this damn bug I've been fighting. Usually winter is not a problem for me, I just wear warm clothes. But this year, I've been fighting a resillient little bug. First it was a head cold, no worries, but once it went below the neck I knew to slow down. Once the cough subsided, I was feeling well enough to get back on the bike, in the pool and back running. That worked for almost a week until this bug manifested itstelf in my eye. Damn bug, it's more annoying than anything. I actually went to the doctor, something I'm normally loathe to do.

I'll try to get on the bike for a long ride tomorrow in between snow showers. Can't even begin to think about riding the trainer again after Thursday's 3 hour session. Sam gave me some toe/hand warmers for the ride tomorrow. He doesn't really have much use for them now he's relocated to the deep south.

At least the cold makes the eye feel better...


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