Thursday, November 12, 2009

first thoughts on the new ride...

so the new Deluxe 29er is built and has been ridden. No pics yet as it hasn't undergone the final build. I have a bar, stem, and seatpost on order. Gotta have Thomson stem and seatpost on the ride. Couldn't get the bar I wanted so I'm going to try an Edge Composites flat bar, lightness. The bike will need these parts swapped in for the shop components that Les let me borrow. We'll cut and route the brake hoses as well and install white cable housing. I have a set of WTB Prowlers mounted on the I9's, but those will get swapped out soon.

Even with the shop parts installed the bike feels right. I rode it to work a few days last week, wanted to stretch the cables before taking it in the dirt. The first ride off road was better than I expected. I knew it would roll over the terrain (roots/rocks) better than my 26er. It is incredibly stable at speed and climbs easily. What really surpised me was its nimbleness. Flicking it in and out of tight trail sections was a treat. The Industry Nine wheels are stiff, light and roll in the direction they are pointed with utter ease. The SRAM XX component group is the real deal. Amazing ride, even with a nice spill. Kevin @ IF designed a bike that surpassed my expections, add to that the legendary build quality that Independent Fabrication is known for and I have MY bike.

Thank you Joe and Kevin at Independent Fabrication.

Thank you Brandi at Industry Nine.

And Thank you Les at East Coast Bicycle Academy.

Pics soon.