Wednesday, November 29, 2006

new blogs and site for you...

I've added a few new links.

One is for Joe's new blog. Joe's a good guy and a neighbor. We need to ride more, especially singlespeed. But I draw the line at going fully rigid.

Sam has a blog now, finally. Helluva training partner. Big Diesel, like a Tourag V10. And now the Virginia State Cyclocross champion in Masters 35+.

The other link is for Black Dog Bikes, Staunton's one and only bike shop. Black Dog Bikes has quickly become the epicenter of cycling for this area. Great Job James and Sara.

Visit 'em, Enjoy...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Berry Farm tour...

James and myself met Rich Edwards of IMBA's Trail Solutions on Saturday morning to tour the Berry Farm property. This parcel of land is over 350 acres of hayfields, pine forest (plantation and natural), mature hardwood, and brush (past clearcut). The land is owned by Augusta County, just 3 miles from downtown Staunton. We are working with Ron Sites, the director of Parks and Rec to develop a trail system. That's where Rich comes into play. With his experience, the county will be able to develop a sustainable trail system for multiple user groups. The parcel is large enough that we should develop it in phases, with the first phase geared towards beginner and intermediate mountain bikers to generate interest and build the sport.

Here are some pics from our walk in the woods. I didn't get a picture of the cave entrance that had been fenced off, oh well maybe next time. I'm guessing they fenced it off to keep hunters from falling in and becoming a horror movie cliche.

James and Rich (thanks for the Trail Solutions books)

Pine grove


can you pick out the hiding Ewok?

Pine Plantation on the left

If you are interested in riding here, give James a call at Black Dog Bikes or better yet stop by and fill out a county waiver. Then head to the property (after hunting season) and ride the 2+miles of double track that's already there. And get ready to build some trail ...

Trashmore Pics...

State championships were this past Sunday at Mt Trashmore. I took the hole shot and was in the main selection of Jimmy, Ian, Kyle, and Kevin. That was the finish order with myself in fifth. I just ran out of gas at the end. Mr. Horvath has a good writeup at his blog.

Now the Pics... (thanks to Sam for taking these pictures and for sticking around after winning the Masters 35+ Championship and cheering)

Milk Carton...

I was reading Jeremiah Bishop's blog today and I started to think what andy's mug would look like on a milk carton. I hope he made it home...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Eat Ham.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Rolling in Richmond...

A big thank you to Richmond Ciclismo and Matt Marchal for promoting the Ciclismo Cross yesterday at Bryan Park. Good course, same as last year's race where I came in second to Sam in the Men B class.

This year's race was not as cold as last year, but not by much. The sun made an appearance and it warmed up to a comfortable temperature. I prerode the course after talking to Sam after his third place showing in the Masters 35+ race. (Nice Job Sam) He suggested riding the pit bike and looking at his mud covered bike I took his suggestion without much comment. There were two sections, back to back, that were mud pits, but not Urban Cross at IX muddy. Did two laps and then rode the trainer. During one of my many trips to the portajohn I watched a fight break out during a soccer game. Funny.

I lined up for the B's and at the whistle took the holeshot. I led through the stream crossing and into the first barrier section. Got passed right before the first singletrack section and the lead rider rode away and left me to ride in the chase group. This group consisted of Kyle Murphy, myself, Ian and Kevin Horvath.

We did a lap or two together and then Mr Horvath showed us his heels. That left the three of us to sort ourselves for the remainder of the race.

Kyle ended up going off course leaving Ian and myself to sprint for second place. The guy that took off in the first singletrack section didn't finish the race.

Kevin took the win, an Excellent Race and a well deserved win for Mr. Horvath. He rode away with it.

I was disappointed with the second place, especially after the race last year. I had focused on winning at this venue. But like last year, if I am going to get beat in a race, I would rather the smack down come from a friend. My disappointment is tempered by celebrating a friend's win. That and winning a cool pair of sunglasses.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Trainer Session...

Tonight was the second trainer session at Black Dog Bikes. James, the gracious host, opens the shop or more accurately, keeps the shop open for these twice weekly sessions (Tu&Th 6pm). Tonight found myself, James, Jason (riding rollers on a fixie) and State Champion Patrick riding indoors.

Riding a trainer sucks, but it is mitigated by being surrounded by other cyclists riding trainers. Especially if something entertaining is being projected through the tube.

Tonight's entertainment was The Triplets of Belleville.

The trainer session didn't suck.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cyclocross Tours...

Jonathan Page (one of the best American cyclocross racers) has had a difficult season. Torn rotator cuff, surgery, off the bike, not racing Sven and Bart in Belgium.

Now there is his new venture, Cyclocross Tours. There's a New Year's tour and World Championship Tour.

Now all I need is to win the lottery so I can afford both trips.

Hey Jonathan:
How about a Classics Week in addition to the tours above. Arrive, do the RVV cyclotourist then watch the Tour of Flanders, sightsee, Gent-Wevelgem, ride, sightsee, do the P-R cyclotourist, watch the Paris-Roubaix race. Could be something to it.


Found this video via MasiGuy which was via Blue Squirrel.

I've always liked Johnny's version better than Trent's and to put it to some of cycling's most indelible moments is genius.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mudfest (cross race) at IX

My bike has never had that much mud on it. What a course. What a race. At least six dismounts per laps, lots of 180 turns, maybe 400 meters of pavement/hardtop, and lots of sticky mud. This was a bike shop's dream course, there were a lot of derailleurs that were destroyed and some broken hangers.

In the B race, I led for a while then George Millinovic came around and left Kyle and I to ride together. Kyle rode me off of his wheel and I was left in third. I'm happy with third on this course, won a cool Surly tshirt.

Sam won the Masters 35+, he just rode away with the race. Then broke his hanger and derailleur in the A race.
Kevin Horvath finished 5th in the B race and Michael Hosang rode strong in the A after destroying a hanger or derailleur, I think he finished 4th. He had to finish the race on a teammate's bike.

James had a good race in the C class, keep it up. He's got the skills.

I would like to have seen this course when it was dry. Hopefully, this course/race/event will continue. Great race, great job promoters.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

flemish weather on tap...

The Urban Cross at IX is scheduled for tomorrow and the forecast is for 43 degree temp. and a 90% chance of rain.

Aahhh. Cyclocross race under cyclocross skies. Might have to drink some Duvel or Stella tomorrow night...

This is a new race at a new venue, and it should be interesting. Mr Horvath and crew will be there, hopefully he won't pull out the pimp hand and slap me around.

Steve Fife, who smacked me around in MABRA series and the first VACX race will not be there. He told me last weekend that Race Pace would be the end of his season. I had been hoping for a few more opportunities to stick to his wheel and get faster.

Time to race...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday already???

This week flew by and now I find myself updating the blog. Yeah, I was slack.

Didn't do anything on Monday except hang out with Parker after I got home from work. Tuesday was my first time taking Parker to the YMCA, he stayed in the play room while I did spin. Legs felt great after the weekend of racing. I guess the day off on monday helped. Wednesday was a treadmill workout with some leg presses and extensions. Drank one or two or more beers and bourbons that night for a little celebration of bipartisonship returning to dc. I think. I hope. Last night found us at Baja with the bootcamp folks enjoying fine food and drink. A new bootcamp session begins next week. That's about it, lot of stuff and the week is gone.

Time to race in c'ville.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Two races...

Monday morning and I've just made it downstairs on a set of tired legs. Raced to two top ten placings this weekend. The races were the last two in the MABRA series.

Ninth place on Saturday in the Tacchino Cross. Great course was laid out in Ida Lee Park with the majority surface being grass. Plenty of climbs, steep hills, one barrier set and fast descents, yeah a fun course.

Found myself again in ninth place on Sunday at the Race Pace Cross in Sykesville. Freedom Park hosted a mostly flat course with one runup and a couple of fast pavement sections. I was behind Steve Fife for both races, just couldn't reel him in.

If I find some pictures I'll post them, especially if I find a picture of Kyle's new IF Planet Cross. Beautiful bike in black and silver, built with Campy Chorus and Ksryrium wheels.

Sam and Kyle both raced on Saturday in the Men B. Sam and I represented East Coast Bicycle Academy with our new jerseys, his in blue, mine in black.

Fun racing...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Double Race Weekend...

Two races this weekend, Tacchini Cross and Race Pace are both on tap. These are the last races in the MABRA cyclocross series. It'll be the first double weekend for me, only problem is not having Holly and Parker at the races. It would be too much for both of them to attend them. I'll stay in NoVA with my friend Neil, might have to carboload a bit Saturday with him.

I'll be representing with a new East Coast Bicycle Academy old school wool jersey.

Frontier Trail Plan...

The acting City Manager and his assistant attended the monthly Queen City Cycling Club meeting on Wednesday. They discussed the city's approach to the development of the Staunton Frontier Trail Plan.

This is a well developed plan that will need a lot of political will to realize. Initially, community stakeholders will need to be briefed on the plan. The city is planning meetings and hearings to gauge interest and elicit comments on how to proceed with the development of trails. If you are interested, plan on attending. These meetings will be posted on the QCCC messageboard once they have been scheduled.

We also discussed the development of mounain bike/multi use trails in Betsy Bell Park and the adjoining Mary Gray property. This would be a wonderful area for trails with challenging terrain and incredible views.

Good Stuff is Happening...(takes time tho)