Sunday, February 18, 2007

brrr cold bicycling...

Rolled out on the IF Planet Cross today. 29 degrees and 20+ mph winds. Yeah it was cold, didn't even make it out of Staunton before I stopped and popped a pair of hand warmers into the Craft gloves. Headed north to Bridgewater and then west to Sangerville, hoping for a tailwind. For some reason there seems to be a headwind wherever you are in the Valley. The wind favored me for a few miles on the way back into Springhill, but then a turn and it was back to fighting it. 3 hours on the bike, was supposed to do 4 but had to pull in and warm up. Yeah I wimped out.

Cold, plus wind, I not sure how Jill in Alaska does it. Anyone who puts in the miles in cold weather has my respect. Training, working, or just riding. Cold riding is a different animal...


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